Gigi Hadid radiates Sєxy cozy vibes in this stunning pH๏τoshoot by Mario Sorrenti for ELLE US March 2023. Fall in love with her effortless beauty and style!

Adrienne Gaffney talks fashion’s it-woman Gigi Hadid through her quest “to find ways of working that help her feel whole” and to show the world elements of herself absent from her editorial or celeb images.

Gigi Hadid makes news wherever she goes, and it’s a wonderful story about a wonderful woman, mom, friend, model and an all-around great ᴀsset to our industry.

The Gigi Hadid You Don’t Know

The answer to this therapeutic quest for idenтιтy — ‘The Gigi Hadid You Don’t Know’ — comes in the second paragraph of Hadid’s interview. Let me guess. We’re going to talk about ‘Guest In Residence’.

How about talking how great Gigi looks in Mario Sorrenti’s [IG] images!

No deal — although Gigi has been looking spectacularly sensual and centered lately. We are talking business, folks.

Gigi’s pᴀssion ‘Guest In Residence’ is a line of “cashmere classics with a spin, built around the idea that key staples meant to be kept and worn for years are inherently sustainable.”

Case closed in Gigi’s mind.

The Cashmere Case Is Not Closed
Except the case is not closed about cashmere, and most of us professionals know that fact.

I reached out to ‘Guest In Residence’ last September once the website was live. Enchanted myself by the great colorways and fun design atтιтude, I didn’t find the word ‘sustainability’ on the website — not even the packaging and shipping box. Nothing. There was no response to my request to talk about sustainability from Gigi’s perspective.

I was confused because Gigi’s favorite cashmere brands a few years back — ones she made successful just by wearing them — all had a strong sustainability focus more in keeping with emerging standards and practices — including using recycled cashmere.

So the topic has floated for months now like a H๏τ potato in my brain. Coincidentally, I’ve been queried about my own process of deciding when I will raise my sustainability concerns flag and when I give people a pᴀss in fashion world.

I’ve let the most recent query simmer since before Christmas — even though this young person creative has hit the top of the queue ʙuттon so I don’t forget that I owe her an answer about my own ethical process as a writer. She’s not letting me off the hook — goddess love her.

I will not express any further personal opinions in this post. In fact, I will just cut this post short. But I do feel an obligation to address the issue of cashmere’s inherent sustainabiity or I won’t be able to live with myself.

In December 2022, Victoria’s Secret Banned Cashmere
On December 5, 2022 my decade-long alma mater as fashion director and head of product development Victoria’s Secret announced a ban on cashmere for both VS and Pink worldwide. I have to ᴀssume that Bella told her sister, being a member of the VS Collective.



Patagonia banned cashmere in 2019 but now uses 95% recycled cashmere. Everlane, Stella McCartney, Reformation, Riley Studio, Cuyana, Sphere One, and Eileen Fisher all use recycled cashmere. I believe the lowest blend is 80% recycled fibers.

Reformation proudly says that recycled cashmere has 80% less of an environmental impact than the new cashmere – but looks just as fabulous.

Enough cashmere talk. I will add articles at the end of this post.

At least I’ve dealt with a topic that has really bothered me for months now, and the goats can thank a young female New York pH๏τographer for giving me a nudge on values and how do I deal with the obvious contradictions that I face.



Note that she was very nice . . .. but direct . . . and persistent. You know that bad-ᴀss woman phrase “Still, she persisted.” She’s one of those types.

If I was drinking in February, I would have a martini . . right now. I would probably have two martinis.

The facts are, though, that I did reach out to ‘Guest in Residence’, telling them who I was and about AOC. I gave them links to articles already written about cashmere.

They knew I wasn’t PETA, and I stressed how much I love Gigi. Carversville is down the road from her. Like two miles. Bucks County is in my blood.

Alas, no martinis tonight.



As it is, I’ve turned my body over to a Pfizer new drugs science unit and will have blood drawn on March 1 for my current project — the new flu vaccine with a COVID component. They learn everything about your health, so you become an ongoing test subject that is segregated in a special group with history of how we responded to other Pfizer trials.

I’m so concerned about the Maga pushback on science that when they reached out to me directly, I said:

“Yes. Whatever you want, I will do it . . . for our kids and their futures, because I am very nervous about this self-serving, anti-science, anti-facts mentality the Maga crowd has going on. We have to stand up and put our foot down. So give me the jab.” ~ Anne





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