Embracing glamour and confidence, Kylie Jenner shines in seductive lingerie as she playfully flaunts her beauty wrapped in a bold pink rope.

Kylie Jenner just set the internet on FIRE, again…after she posted pH๏τos of herself wrapped in a huge pink rope and wearing Sєxy lingerie. I know it sounds weird…just trust us on this one!

In a scene that looks like a Sєxy version of Rapunzel, Kylie is wrapped around a large pink rope and is sporting hair almost touching the ground.

The obvious point of the pH๏τos is to highlight the unbelievable lingerie she is wearing in the pictures. She looks perfect. Not sure any other way to describe the pH๏τos!

Kylie’s fans agree and have taken to Instagram to let her know just how H๏τ she looks in the pics!

“Take my soul,” one fan posted. Another added, “YOU’RE KIDDING ME KYLIE, YOU’RE KILLING ME.” :

“Queen goddess,” one comment read.

A fan of the makeup mogul even made a Justin Beiber reference in the comments, “You got that Yummy.”

“When from the sky drops drop on the earth comes Kylie Jenner And all I can think is,” a poetic fan said.

Kylie Jenner gets tied up in pink rope for lingerie pH๏τo shoot | Daily Mail Online

The best one, “made my heart stop…. dam i wish i was that rope!”

Several fans of Jenner are tagging her baby daddy Travis Scott on Instagram.

Just in case he doesn’t see it, fans are making sure to tag him so he gets an eye full. As you know, many fans of both of the stars want them to get back together. So…they thought this was a good start.

Another educated guess for the timing of Kylie’s post is that her ex-bff, Jordyn Woods, has been on a ʙικιɴι parade in Jamacia. So, maybe she just wants Instagram to have a balance of the two of them?

Either way, they both look amazing…and the internet is loving all of it!

Not The First Time…

This is not the first time Kylie has lit up Instagram with some Sєxy lingerie pH๏τos in the past few weeks.

As we reported, Jenner posted a few sH๏τs of herself in a Sєxy set while laying in bed. It’s unclear who took these sH๏τs, but it’s one lucky person.

“Just didn’t feel right going into 2020 without one last thirst trap,” Kylie captioned the black and white pH๏τos

This set gathered millions of likes in just a few minutes. “She just posted this 30 minutes ago and already got 2 mil,” one fan pointed out.

Imagine Having A Body Like This…

“2019 was a good year for you :fire: 2020 will be better than ever!” one person commented.

As you know, in 2019 Kylie sold 51% of her cosmetics company for $600 Million, so ya…she is having a very good year.

“Imagine having a kid and still having a body like this,” one fan posted. “So freakin H๏τ,’ another added.


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